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Brian quinn stacy patella

The most commonly broken bone in the joint is the patella or kneecap.
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MPFL reconstruction
MPFL reconstruction is a reconstruction of the inner ligamen

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patella fracture.
Patella fracture causes, types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatme

Left Knee Patellar Tendon Repair.
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Sustains Patella Tendon Strain.
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Patella is the flat triangularly shaped largest sesamoid bone in the body *...
Patellofemoral pain syndrome (pfps)

Displaced Patella.
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Patella or knee cap is a triangular bone that articulates

medial approach underneath the mid point of the patella; lateral approach u...
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Anatomical Review: Patella.
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Abbildung 2. Anatomie des Kniegelenks, (Schünke et al.--2007