Windows Azure New Portal Improvements

I accessed the portal today and a nice surprise was waiting for me. Among other improvements that I either didn’t spot yet or they are not visible to us (backend changes) they were two new very welcome changes:

1) Service bus can now be managed from the new portal!

Under the “App Services” category, you can now find the new options to create a new “Queue”, “Topic” or “Relay” service point.

In case you select “Custom create” you can directly create the namespace from the wizard instead of having first to create the namespace and then add entities (services) to it.

You can also track information regarding your namespace’s Queues, Topics or Relays directly from the portal. That information could be e.g. size, transactions etc.

Last but not least, you can retrieve the connection string from the portal. No more mistakes or looking for it when needed.

2) You can now manage the users (co-admin) of your subscriptions directly from the “Settings” menu and the new portal. It used to be that you had to switch to the old Silverlight portal to execute this task.


Very few services now missing from the new portal but I love how the team is getting this better every single day. And they do listen to feedback so make sure you send yours!



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