New Windows Azure CDN features and SDK 1.4

Windows Azure SDK 1.4 was released yesterday with no breaking changes and a lot of stability fixes. You can get the bits from here. Among an important fix, specially if you use a source control system, where the web.config was being locked but Windows Azure Tools still needed write access to update the machine key, there are new features for the CDN (quoting from the release announcement):

Windows Azure CDN for Hosted Services
Developers can use the Windows Azure Web and VM roles as “origin” for objects to be delivered at scale via the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network. Static content in your website can be automatically edge-cached at locations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America to provide maximum bandwidth and lower latency delivery of website content to users.

Serve secure content from the Windows Azure CDN
A new checkbox option in the Windows Azure management portal to enable delivery of secure content via HTTPS through any existing Windows Azure CDN account.

Get the bits and enjoy, I’m already updated :)



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